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HIGGS |Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability| is an initiative which aims to reinforce Nonprofit Organizations | NPOs | operating in Greece, through educational and supportive programs and activities that are carried out at its premises.

​HIGGS is the 1st Incubator and Accelerator for non-profit organizations in Greece. It is a non-profit organization that was founded in the midst of crisis, commencing its services on 2016. Its mission is to change how non-profits operate in order to become more efficient, sustainable and transparent.

HIGGS has adapted the incubation & acceleration model especially to Greek non-profits, through our free of charge for NPOs capacity building programs. Our programs offer training by experts, tailor-made advisory services, access to co-working spaces and offices at the HIGGS building, events, networking, as well as connection with non-profits, media and donors, creating a hub where NPOs can work and develop their operations.

Since its operation HIGGS has supported 136 non-profits from all over Greece that have secured over 10.000.000€ in funding and have created more than 771 new job positions.

 Furthermore, HIGGS has undertaken a training, advisory and external evaluation role for entities such as the U.S Embassy in Greece, the Norwegian Embassy in Athens, Athens Partnership, the Vodafone Foundation, International Organizations and the majority of the grant-making foundations in Greece.

Additionally, as part of its initiatives to strengthen the Greek Non-profit ecosystem, HIGGS conducts, frequently, surveys on issues related to the sector, establishes innovative training programs in cutting-edge areas, such as advocacy, often in collaboration with other organizations such as WWF, Save the Children and the IRC, while it influences public policy decisions in various issues related to the Civil Society.

HIGGS Founding Donor is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


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Project Implementation Team:

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Sotiris Petropoulos Project Coordinator
Alexandra Emirza Project Manager
Mairi Diamanti Publicity Manager
Mairi Diamanti Project Administrator
Anastasia Psoma Internal Auditor