Advocacy Phase B

Description :

A two-day Experiential Seminar lasting 12 hours will take place in 3 cities of the District (Thessaloniki, Patras, Komotini) and Athens, by the Open Knowledge Foundation of Greece. During the advocacy, available Municipality’s open data and optimization methods, regarding the data collection process and techniques associated with their analysis and distribution, will be presented to NGOs and MEDIA, enabling them to plan a data driven strategy. In addition, citizens and journalists will be informed about the available sources of open budgets and their role in enhancing the transparency and accountability of public bodies as a raw material for the establishment of direct democracy mechanisms. Finally, a workshop will be held for the recording of open-source data concerning the utilization of Greek Municipalities’ and regions’ budgets.

Additional material will be added during the implementation of the Experiential Seminar: Advocacy Phase B